Have you ever heard of the notion that many companies grow themselves to death? It is a sad yet true fact of business that even if you do everything else right, when you lose control over the wrong aspects of your business, it can put you at severe risk. There are countless case studies of originators of great ideas and products that ended up never profiting from them, all because of poor controls.


Elite Entrepreneurs are very bullish about growing their companies, and are usually opportunity focused. However they have their feet firmly planted on the ground and ensure that they protect themselves and their companies and all that they worked so hard for. Niel Malan once lost a business because of a legal oversight, and it ended costing him a fortune and set him back by many years.


Conversely, a business with stable and robust legal, financial and operational controls can go on to grow into an empire. The Elite Controls™ module will provide you with this final piece to the puzzle on how to build the business of your dreams. You will learn how to create robust financial controls by setting up your own “pilot’s dashboard” of key financial metrics, to ensure your business stays financially healthy.


You will learn about key legal pitfalls to avoid, and also how to protect your innovative ideas with trade-marks, patents and copyrights. You will learn how to protect your database (something that can cost you dearly) as well as the software and IT systems in your company.  The Elite Controls™ will give you not only the skills you need to be in full control of your business, it will provide you with handy checklists that you can consult periodically to ensure you stay up to date and current.