The Elite Entrepreneur coaching program is a culmination of 14 years’ worth of working with over 10 000 entrepreneurs. During this time Niel Malan observed that most companies produce mediocre results and never quite grow to the levels their founders had hoped. However, he also worked with a number of entrepreneurs who started small and grew their companies to become empires, often in as short a time frame as seven years!


Many of these “empire builders” (as Niel likes to call them) built their companies into the hundreds of millions of Rands of annual revenues, and some even in excess of R1 billion in revenues per annum. It was through observing the differences between mediocre and great entrepreneurs that he made some crucial distinctions about the skills required by an entrepreneur to turn a fledgling business into a profit producing powerhouse.


This was where the idea of an Elite Entrepreneur first seeded in Niel’s mind. After his research and observations he surmised that an Elite Entrepreneur is someone with the skills and abilities to turn their ideas into profitable businesses. An Elite Entrepreneur is an individual that produces outstanding results and doesn’t accept mediocrity as a standard.


Running a business is complex and entrepreneurs need many skills and abilities to succeed. However all skills and abilities aren’t created equal. Through his vast experience Niel found that entrepreneurs need to master seven areas in business above all others. The interesting thing is that Elite Entrepreneursare no more intelligent and no more “connected” than average entrepreneurs, they simply mastered different skills.


The Elite Entrepreneur Coaching Program is the first and only business coaching program of its kind in South Africa. The fourteen month coaching program distils a complex subject (the subject of business) into seven distinct focus areas. Each focus area has a powerful module that is delivered live, in person, over a period of one to three months.