To create a successful business requires a team effort. The entrepreneur conceptualises the business, and then requires the participation of various stake-holders to execute his or her vision. An entrepreneur often requires funding from the first group of sake-holders namely investors and lenders to capitalise and grow her business.

One of the key areas of frustration for most entrepreneurs is their inability to raise the required amount of capital they need and as a result, their businesses struggle year after year with cash-flow problems. Elite Entrepreneurs know how to raise capital for start-up and growth.

Employees, the second stake-holder group, are the workhorses that execute the vision for the business. Elite Entrepreneurs know how to attract top notch employees how to inspire their workforce to do their best work. Struggling entrepreneurs usually complain that they just cannot find good people, and that the people they do have on staff are lazy and uninspired. The entrepreneur’s ability or inability to influence their workforce plays a pivotal role in their ultimate success.

Vendors is the third category of stake-holder that the entrepreneur needs to successfully influence in order to get the most favourable terms, and to garner rally and true support. And finally, the entrepreneur needs loyal, profitable customers to make the business succeed. The ability to succeed with all four stake-holder groups comes down to one skill – the ability to influence! In Elite Influence™ you will learn everything you need to rally the support of key stake-holders.