Improving the scale-ability of a business isn’t something most entrepreneurs give too much thought, yet Elite Entrepreneurs take this subject very seriously! The reason is quite simple. You can do everything right in a business, but if your company cannot grow beyond a key constraint, you will be limited and equally frustrated.


In Niel’s career he has seen thousands of companies hamstrung by constraints that prevent them to grow. Services companies often come unstuck when the entrepreneur cannot replicate the services of the business, and ends up doing all the training / consulting / coaching and servicing him or herself, along with a few key people.


Other organizations have poor operational protocols in place and unless the entrepreneur physically shows up for work, the wheels come off in the business. To realize the full value of an enterprise it must be able to grow geometrically. And for that reason you must master the skills you will learn in Elite Scaling™.


The Elite Scaling™ module will help you build a solid operations machine! You will learn how to implement systems so that you can facilitate and deal with rapid growth without compromising the quality of the products and services that your business produces. You will finally learn how to work ON your business as opposed to IN it, and you will rid yourself from tremendous frustration in the process.